• Features a board range of 2,5D CAM Strategies for woodworking/composite applications including nesting, pocketing, contouring, drilling, and hole making with full toolpath simulation.
  • Also Includes a full of wireframe, surface, and solid CAD tools focused on thee needs of machinist.
  • Includes : Design, Solids, Rast2Vec, and Nesting.


  • Includes all capabilities of Entry Router as well as machining strategies for 2-3 axis woodworking/composite applications, 3+2 axis positioning and rotary axis-substitution machining applications.
  • Featuring Mastercam Dynamic Motion technology, 3D (multiple surfaces) rough and (single surface) finish machining with stock model recognition for efficient rest machining.
  • Includes: Design, Engrave, Rast2Vec, Nesting, Drill Block, Saw Toolpaths and Solids.


  • Includes all capabilities of Router and provides advanced 3D machining for solids, surfaces, multiple surface 3D HST toolpaths and STL meshes.
  • Powered by Mastercam Dynamic Motion technology, it includes roughing, semi-roughing and finishing strategies optimized for high speed machining applications.
  • Includes Design, Engrave, Rast2Vec, Nesting Drill Block, Saw Toolpaths and Solids.