We started our business on 29 september 2004, by retain a room from YPTI.
Our main business is official reseller agent of Mastercam Software.
As our best services we also provide our customer with professional trainers who ready to guide how to use Mastercam Software.

In 2014 we celebrate grand opening of our new building.

In 2015 we expanded our business in training program with full facility for it.
This program officially opened by Minister for Youth and Sports affairs


To develop with all components of the company, the relations, the government and the society in developing HR and manufacturing process technology that capable of meeting the needs of the manufacturing industry.

Making a good relationship and cooperation to provide added value on an ongoing basis. Upholding our commitment to become a company that works professionally and ethically that provides benefits to the company. Educating and empowering all employees to be able to develop all their abilities and skills in order to become a professional and etchical team, so they can contribute to developing the company and the welfare of the employees.